Saturday, December 21, 2013


Slowly but surely working through the paperwork. Homestudy visits done. Each day we seem to check off a few more things. Hopefully, we will have the draft of our homestudy to review by the end of next week. Our social worker is great and moving quickly. Now that school is out for a couple of weeks, I can give full attention to dossier prep. I always feel such a rush to complete things and then struggle with the long wait. We would love to have her home for next Christmas but don't want to set ourselves up for disappointment. (Though I think I just did that, didn't I?)

In the midst of all this paperwork, we are getting ready for Christmas. Suzanna got home late Thursday night. Presents are wrapped. Now to get busy for some holiday baking. Our best present by far, was three new video clips of Savannah. Wow, we are so much in love. She just sparkles. I wish I was able to share them here but have great respect for the privacy laws of her country.


  1. Bless you on your adoption journey! "Savannah" is a doll!!!

  2. Hi Tami,

    We are adopting a little girl from the same orphanage as Savannah with the same agency you are using. I am hoping that we can keep our girls in touch as they grow up because I know they are friends now. Oh and we also have a daughter adopted from Bulgaria, so something else in common ;).

    You can check us out on our blog: and feel free to email me at viviane 8 at yahoo dot com. Would love to hear from you.