Friday, August 8, 2014

In God's Hands

Breathing deeply.

How is it that one can spend anxious weeks working oneself up because the adoption process is so long and the when you finally resign yourself to God's plan...things happen. I look back on my life and think of all the times that God had to wait patiently on me while I whined and moaned over the way things were going instead of learning to wait patiently on Him. I am such a slow learner. I spent a good part of my summer fretting over the delays and length of this adoption process. If only this hadn't taken so long. If only that hadn't happened. Why weren't people more efficient? After all, a liitle girl is waiting on her family and we just want her home. Finally, I realized that I need to give this process back to God. The timing was His and our Savannah would be home when God knew the time was right. My agency told me to expect travel late September or most likely October. I was resigned.

As July came to a close, we finished off our summer with all of our summer appointments. Opthamology for two, glasses for two and a referral for surgery for one. Then off to UCLA for orthodontia. We managed two trips and a total of 6 appointments between two girls squeezed into our days. Regular dentist appointments and Grammy's regular visits with her pulmonologist  kept us busy. We even managed to work at school a few days to get ready for the new year. This week, we got a nervous Elisa registered for high school. She'll do great. Mary is looking forward to 8th grade but hating the fact she will be wearing glasses. Oh, the drama! Lara starting 5th grade and as always, laid back, even handling all her appointments this summer with no fear. She is growing up too. We were keeping busy. planning and prepping for the new school year. We were in the zone. Then suddenly, God threw our lives into a wonderful tizzy of excitement.

We had been busily working at school, (while watching Divergent on the smart board in my classroom.) The older girls left for a few minutes to help the office manager and I decided to check email and work on my Kindergarten Orientation powerpoint while the movie was paused. As I was looking through my school email, I noticed one from the director of my agency. I casually assumed it was a general email for clients and finished up other email first. Had I been thinking, I would have wondered a little more why they were emailing me at school. Finally, I read through the email. They need me in country next week. I scanned the email again, thinking this wasn't really for me. I still had at least two more months. I then grabbed my phone and ran out the door. I get poor cell reception out at my little school so I was ready to head down the road for service. I asked the director which next week she was thinking about. The next week as in a few days or the week that came after that. "Sorry for the short notice but can you be there Monday," she said. My gut response was NO. School starts on Tuesday. It is the worst week ever. Instead I flew into action. Off to the district office in town to see if I can get approval to leave.  There was a lot of conversation to see if we could make it work. We have classes with no new teachers hired yet, substitutes are in demand. They gave me three names and told me to see what I could do. I called two names and got no answer. I stopped at the travel agency to see if I could even get there in time. Off to my mom's to tell her and try for a sub again. The third one answered and agreed to start the year out. Back to inform the district and purchase those tickets I had on hold. Then we flew back to Inyokern to inform my new principal of my plans and meet with my sub to go over that first week of kindergarten. Feeling thankful that this is a small town and that half of the people I dealt with today, attend my church.

So much to do. Sub plans for the first week of kindergarten. Yikes! Kindergarten orientation on Monday. Glad for that powerpoint. Elisa stressed out about starting high school with no mom back up but she'll do great. She'll go with a friend to freshman orientation on Monday. It will all work out. As it stands, my trip will be a quick one. I leave on Sunday and arrive Monday evening. I will meet my daughter and get to visit with her for a day or two, formally accept her referral, sign paperwork and leave Friday morning and be back Saturday evening. I'm not ready. My to do list keeps growing. But we are so excited. Our countdown to bringing her home starts after this trip. We are so ready. After all, God's got this one.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blogging Again

So I think it can be said that I am not much of a blogger. Who knew? Well probably anyone who knows me and knows how hard it is for me to  remember to return calls or emails etc. Yet despite my absence from blogging, I have been busy. Waiting on paperwork, trying to get my dossier together has all taken so much longer than my previous adoptions. My tales of woe and despair over paperwork are many but boring and now they are pretty much over as my dossier should be headed to Eastern Europe. Now the real wait begins and I have absolutely no control over the timeline but knowing me, I will shed a lot of tears over missed holidays, birthdays and timelines created out of thin air by my imagination. Yet, in the end, we will get her home and she is so worth every bit of this process.

Recently another family traveled in  May to visit their daughter who is in the same orphanage as Savannah. They were able to meet her, hug her and let her know that her mama was coming for her. I have had no updates on her since last winter, so getting this bit of information was priceless. Savannah is loved by her caretaker. I can't tell you how comforting it is to know that someone treasures her. If she only knew how eagerly her family is waiting for her.

School is now out for which we are all thankful. Our summer will be a slow, quiet one as we are saving for our trip to get Savannah. I will go by myself on the first trip to meet her and then we will all go to to get her. My mom had a rough winter with her health and life has been filled with doctor appointments as I honed my nursing skills. Fortunately, she seems much better the last few weeks and we will do everything to keep her well. She feels a special bond already to Savannah and is eager for us to get her home.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Slowly but surely working through the paperwork. Homestudy visits done. Each day we seem to check off a few more things. Hopefully, we will have the draft of our homestudy to review by the end of next week. Our social worker is great and moving quickly. Now that school is out for a couple of weeks, I can give full attention to dossier prep. I always feel such a rush to complete things and then struggle with the long wait. We would love to have her home for next Christmas but don't want to set ourselves up for disappointment. (Though I think I just did that, didn't I?)

In the midst of all this paperwork, we are getting ready for Christmas. Suzanna got home late Thursday night. Presents are wrapped. Now to get busy for some holiday baking. Our best present by far, was three new video clips of Savannah. Wow, we are so much in love. She just sparkles. I wish I was able to share them here but have great respect for the privacy laws of her country.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Meet the newest member of the Piatt family. Savannah (not her real name) is 5 years old and we can't wait to have her home. I've been praying about her for months but now that we are in process, I want her home yesterday. I am up to my neck in paperwork, trying to bite off a little bit each day. The younger girls have seen her on my computer each day and she has been a topic of conversation for months. They are all very excited. Suzanna, however, is across the country and so this came as a bit of a surprise for her. She quickly got on board and is, I think, pretty enthusiastic as well to have a new little sister. God opened the door wide for this adoption and we are trusting Him to provide as we work towards bringing her home. Savannah, I hope you will one day know how much you are already loved, treasured and wanted. I hope these next many months fly by on our journey to bring you home.